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The need for proper medical care following your accident

The three major reasons to get medical treatment following an accident are to heal properly, to document your injuries, and to understand the full extent of your injuries before your case is settled.
Proper medical evaluations are essential to getting the care necessary to help you make the best possible recovery from your injuries. Delaying medical treatment may allow injuries to worsen and may extend the time it takes you to recover. Your main concern after an accident is to get well, and medical care is an essential part of your recovery.

Another major reason to seek medical care is to document your injuries for your claim. Frankly, if you do not get care within a reasonable time (usually a few days) it will be very hard to succeed with your claim.
Medical providers will provide a report describing your injuries and the type and amount of treatment you receive. Insurance companies, and juries, are unlikely to value you claim without medical support. A third major reason to receive medical care is to make certain you understand the full extent of your injuries. Most injuries are obvious, but some are subtle and require testing. Once you settle your claim, your right to compensation ends. Any injury you discover after settling your case will not be compensated.

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